Cutting from Rough

icon3The art of cutting, polishing and engraving gems is not something anyone can do. The true expert in precious stones and the art or techniques used in cutting, polishing and engraving them is called a gem cutter or a lapidarist.

Pentagon Gem Cutters was founded by a master lapidarist with over 25 years of experience, characterized by an exactitude and extreme refinement that suggests gem cutting.

All gems are cut and polished by progressive abrasion using finer grits of harder substances used as an abrasive to cut and polish.

After a gemstone is sawed and ground to a specific shape, it will be coarse to remove rough marks left from the previous processes. The gem is then polished to a very glossy finish to maximize refraction from the surface of the stone, giving it’s precious brilliance and value.

We will cut your rough material according to your specifications or, if you prefer, we will recomgemstones5mend which shape and process will maximize the weight, size and value of the gemstones, according to the rough material.

Pentagon Gem Cutters has years and millions of carats of experience in analyzing, separating, cutting and polishing gemstones from the rough material, performing services to large and famous names of jewelry designers, suppliers and manufacturers of high end gemstones and jewelry, museums, and many other businesses in the USA and around the world.

We will be glad to assist you in the creation of your gemstones. We can create any shape or size from any stone.


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